These 5/8 Oz. Crocodiles are dressed up using the method described for the Sutton 44 above. The uses for the heavier spoon to accomodate speed are obvious. But, they are exceptional producers when used for early season shallow water casting from shore or a boat at sunset. They also dig a bit better when run from the boards or in-line planers. Nothing finicky about these. Just throw and haul em.
BB that rolls from end to end in the tube with the motion of the lure. At one end of the tube there is a special ceramic crystal. As the ball strikes each end it produces minute electrical impulses similar to those emitted from wounded baitfish. Information concerning available flasher types, lures, and colors with EChips can be viewed at Protroll's website.
As a rule of thumb, when using flies, spoons, and or bait heads, go with  white on white on dark days and mornings, white on blue as the morning progresses, and white on green when things really brighten up. Green on green is always a good bet.  Check out ALL Seasons Sports
Note: EChip Kits are now aailable for just about any home grown application you can dream up.
The purpose of this page is to provide the opportunity for all anglers who regularly fish the eastern basin and it's Tribs., including Oneida Lake, to share the knowledge on what's hot and what's not. Maybe it's a  favorite off-the-bottom-shelf item or, something painted, pasted, bent, and hammered with an equally weird name. The questions are: who made it, how is it made, and where and under what conditions does it catch fish? The operative words here are "catch, hot, reliable, consistent" . A photo or sketch would be appreciated.

Email me "Tell - All" with the details.   Note: We just report it!!
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EChip Technology - Reported to be the hottest fish attractor on the Great Lakes. The EChip is a small stainless steel tube containing a stainless 
"Bite - Off" - Not likely unless there is a wayward northern or muskie in the area, Trout have pointed conical teeth that are great for punching holes in misplaced thumbs; but, cutting or piercing 40 - 6.0 mono. leaders - not likely #.
Retrieving a full length leader with a slinky end where the fly was is a good indicator that the line became wedged in the "J" bend weld of the treble hook. This gives the fish the leverage it needs to torque out the hook, pull the knot, or chafe the line to the breaking point. A drop of epoxy or hard setting "Goop" fill will help eliminate this problem. The 2009 season saw a lot of feisty Coho put this law of physics to the test.
Follow Up - Sometimes you have to replace hooks with new ones and you don't have glue on the boat or the time to let it dry. Dave Marks suggests tying a simple knot in an eight inch piece of 20# monofilament. Loop it over one of the hooks and then weave it in and out of the three "J" bends on the hook. Tie it off on one of the hooks and it's ready to go. He says it's effective with trebles on flies and cut-bait rigs.
Off - the - shelf Lure patterns
2009 once again turned out to be one of the most productive years for spring brown trout fishing in the Eastern Basin . Limiting out was the rule. Most stickbaits produced fish; but, those with red or orange seem to be the most consistent. One of the hottest items was a Smithwick stick bait in chrome/black and chrome/blue with orange bellies. This is a good bet to start the 2010 season. Fish them off boards or long line in relatively shallow water about 100 - 200 feet back.
Stick baits are not the only hot producers here in the Eastern Basin. This doctored up S/B Sutton 44  has continued to produce for us every trip over the past four seasons and, , 2009 was no exception. The use of the blue, green, and chrome prism tape is obvious. Not so apparent is the clear glow scale that covers it all. They worked well off the boards early and, all season long from the riggers. Needs the usual somewhat finicky "Sutton Touch" - A Cy Rafalko creation. This will be a solid choice to start the season in 2010.
Sutton Spoon Chart (Sizes).
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Expect the use of wire to repeat its popularity again this year. We'll cover some rigging updates and productive presentations as the 2010 season progresses. Including: some tips on the use of the "Jitter Fly" - The "Eyes" that, once again, seemed to catch the attention of most species during the later part of 09.
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Hey guys, the seasoun is over, unless you are one of those weathered red faced hardy souls who, wth fingers falling off, venture out to probe the depths for for perch and pike roaming around under the ice. Let's not forget the die hards  who like to steep in near freezing water in a pair of  Taiwan waders.  Don't get me wrong ..... this is some the best winter fishing to be experienced anywhere. It's just that my preference is a warm fire, automatic gas of course, and the knowledge that the boat is safely tucked away in the barn.  Joining Elosta's new Yahoo EMail Group is a good way to keep abreast the ice fishing action on the "Big O" and Oneida Lake.