The winds of  November
This page was last updated: April 6, 2015
Eastern Basin anglers (Salmon, perch, bass etc.) - As the 2015 season progresses there will be ample opportunities to use your new digital camera. Send us a photo (jpeg, gif) of that special catch or family fishing experience with your name and home port. Posed or action shots with the lake and/or a familiar landmark in the background is a suggestion. No billboard or meat hook group shots please. We like stream shots as well.
An ELOSTA hat or shirt, complete with logo, is not necessary but it adds a nice touch to a photo.
Let's hear from you fishermen. You don't have to be a member to appear here!!
On The Streams
Oswego River at Oswego

Salmon River at Altmar 
Paid off
Oswego Fire Dept. goes to the rescue of stranded waders. That costs us big bucks guys. Heed the warning siren and get out of there.
TAKE HEED - Red Right Returning
Cy Rafalko - Took this fish  from shore with a plastic bait in about 2-3 feet of water. It is the largest smallmouth he has ever caught. In fact it is the largest smallmouth this writer has ever seen.  It's back out there waiting for some other lucky angler.
Alan Sarka - With  this 15lb - 11oz Brown he took whlle fishing with Prime Time out of Oswego.
ELOSTA August 2012 Family Picnic/Derby
Mike's Marina "Lil Salmon River Picnic/Derby" 2012